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Bulk upload of forms / Import from VfP to multiple geometry locations

Currently uploading a drawing to a geometry location can only be done one drawing at a time - and during the time that drawing is uploading you cannot continue using the website to do other tasks.

Suggested Improvement: The ability to select multiple drawings and specify which locations of the geometry that each drawing applies to and then to bulk upload in the background. For example: I have drawings for L1 to L5. I want to select these 5 drawings, specify which locations in my geometry these 5 apply to and then press Upload. All 5 drawings would then upload in the background - allowing me to continue with other work while this is being done.

Benefits: Project Admins. Currently uploading drawings for buildings with multiple floors and multiple sheets can take around 2 hours - and no other work can happen in this time. Batch upload would significantly improve the speed of setting up projects

  • Mark Biscoe
  • May 5 2016
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