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Converting reports to PDFs: Improved formatting required

The forms created for the tablets are easy to read and flow well when being completed by the user. However, this is not reflected when the same form is converted to PDF.

- The information is all over the place,

- the font size cannot be adjusted.

- The column widths in tables vary depending on how many photos are inserted, etc ...

Some of the most annoying / confusing features of the tables are as follows:

- The task associated with a row is not near that row but at the end of the table (which can be lengthy)

- Not only that, but the photo(s) taken with that task is after the list of tasks.

This might be OK for the person doing the audit but, to the reader of the report, it is very messy & looks unprofessional to say the least.

In our business, the reports are not working documents where the content is more important than the presentation; It is the opposite: Our PDF reports are issued to senior management and we MUST provide them with a professional looking report.

  • Gilles Bachet
  • Jan 6 2017
Company WIIN Solutions Pty Ltd
Job Title / Role Managing Director
I need it... 1 month
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  • Gabriel Granger commented
    March 7, 2018 15:06

    completely agree!  if you cannot produce professional looking PDF's allow your customers to use their existing word templates(or whatever else we use) with variables linked to the reports generated in FV with webmerge dot com.  so our reports go out to clients looking professional again.

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