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Calibration Polygon Tool

The polygon tool needs to be made a lot easier to use. You very rarely get square rooms so this tool is used most of all yet its the hardest to get to grips with. You need to be able to see where you are clicking and possibly be able to manipulate the calibration once you have gone round an object. The back space button rarely works but when it does it makes it so much easier to calibrate.

  • Becky Foster
  • Nov 22 2016
Company Rydon
Job Title / Role Admin Manager
I need it... Yesterday...Come on already
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  • Lisa Maloney commented
    December 11, 2017 21:36

    The brush style tool is too thick and with too much variation of where the actual line will appear on the drawings. A different style of calibration tool pointer, perhaps a cross hair instead of thick brush would definitely reduce the errors and time it takes to do calibrations.

  • Gabriel Granger commented
    March 7, 2018 14:44

    the tool is too thick when zooming in on a drawing, impossible to get a room that isn't a square right first time.  I should be able to select a thin brush size appropriate to the zoom level of the drawing im using, follow the contours of the item exactly then allow for an offset so the calibration is correct.  crosshair over fat pbrush!!!... with the vertical and horizontal lines extending out.


    this cant come quickly enough! also when are you ditching dodgy insecure FLASH!!!!

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