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enable a favourites list of form templates to be created

Enable a favourites list of form templates to be created so that they can easily be assigned as a group of templates when creating new projects. Currently our administrators have to flick through 100's of forms, picking out which ones are needed every time a project is created, this is very time consuming. There are many templates that are used over and over again on all of our projects and so creating a favourites group for these would save a lot of time, the administrator then only needs to look through for a few specific extras to add

  • Nick Claessen
  • Sep 9 2016
Company Willmott Dixon Construction Hitchin
Job Title / Role Senior Building Manager and Task Management/Fieldview Super User
I need it... 1 month
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  • Kim Low commented
    September 9, 2016 11:23

    This would be really useful!!

  • Simon Westwood commented
    November 17, 2016 10:56

    I have voted for this but rather than a favourites list I would prefer separate areas/ folders for different groups of Templates

  • Gareth Cottrell commented
    November 17, 2016 11:04

    How about a ‘Recent’ list like in Tasks? Would that serve the same purpose? Because Form Templates can already be categorised into Form Types.


  • Simon Westwood commented
    November 17, 2016 11:07

    How recent is recent? For us a separation for current/ archived templates would be more useful 

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