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Task Email notifications subject and report title

Dear FV

Managing the task emails is difficult please can you implement the following as soon as practical.

We have a requirement to issue correspondence through a correspondence management system.  Unfortunately the system is unable to determine who raised the task.

1 - Subject of email

Currently the subject of the task report email is similar to: Portion W - Early Works Waves: New Field View Tasks Issued To Pacific Complete - PC Environment.  Please can you include the Task ID in the subject.

i.e. T11600.34-Portion W - Early Works Waves: New Field View Tasks Issued To Pacific Complete - PC Environment

2 - Title of pdf

Currently the title of the emailed pdf report is in the form: 1242478-Portion-W--Early-Works-Waves-New-Field-View-Tasks-Issued-To-Goldings-61F7F38A-D119-4659-9F87-EC1BBD229FC8.pdf

Please change it to the Task number and loose the linkID at the end.

i.e. T11600.34-Portion-W--Early-Works-Waves-New-Field-View-Tasks-Issued-To-Goldings.pdf

3 - Email addresses

It appears that Tasks and Forms are emailed out using BCC, so that there is no record of who received the mail and when.  Please include the full distribution of the Task in the email address.





  • Matthew Bailey-Lawrence
  • Jul 5 2016
Company Parsons Brinkerhoff / Laing O’Rourke
Job Title / Role Quality Lead
I need it... 1 month
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