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Locations And Assets - Drawing Calibration - Geometry Branch to have more than one drawing.

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In Project Setup - Locations And Assets - Locations And Assets - Drawing Calibration


Currently we can only assign plans (drawings) to a parent location and not to child locations on the same tree.  It would be very useful if we could assign drawings at different scales to different geometry’s and location tree and different drawing types.


We get the following message if we try:


Geometry Branch Has Drawing

It is not possible to add a drawing because there is an existing drawing in the branch. You must delete this before adding another drawing.


For example:


If our project has a general arrangement and three sites.  We could


Project:                                General Arrangement Site 1, 2, 3 - 1:10 000 plan at the top level location with each of the three sites as


  • Site 1 Clearing and Fencing – site 1 – 1:1000
  • Site 1 General Earthworks – site 1 – 1:1000
  • Site 1 Drainage – site 1 – 1:1000


  • Site 2 Clearing and Fencing – Site 2 – 1:1000
  • Site 2 General Earthworks – Site 2 – 1:1000
  • Site 2 Drainage – Site 2 – 1:1000


  • Site 3 Clearing and Fencing – Site 3 – 1:1000
  • Site 3 General Earthworks – Site 3 – 1:1000
  • Site 3 Drainage – Site 3 – 1:1000


Alternatively this would be useful for building projects as it would allow the use of different plans under the same locations. E.g. floor plan, reflected celling plan, services plan etc.

  • Matthew Bailey-Lawrence
  • May 23 2016
  • In Review
Company Parsons Brinkenhof / Lang O
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